What does FruitkingsPartners offer you:

FruitkingsPartners offers you between 25% and 40% commission on the lifetime revenues your players generate in Fruitkings. We offer you the most innovative bingo platform, best converting creatives, detailed live statistics and no negative balance rollovers to the next month. So register, grab the promo codes and start promoting Fruitkings today!

Fruitkings – Live Gaming at its best

Fruitkings is a bingo community where you play live, win and meet people. Fruitkings allows players a fun and unique way to make new friends while winning great cash prizes.

Fruitkings integrated webcam platform offers players never seen before possibities like entering 2 or 3 way private webcam chats with their fellow players. All this when playing online bingo together. Fruitkings brings back the essential social element that bingo is so renowned for. It is Live Bingo at its best!

Live Chathosts

Our chathosts present the bingo games live via their webcam ensuring a fun and friendly atmosphere in our Rooms. They also stimulate conversation between players and are the first point of contact for players explaining the different bonuses and side games.

Live Win Moments

Our Live Win Moments give playing bingo a whole new dimension. When a player wins, his of hers webcam image is immediately displayed to all other players in the room, this means everybody can join the celebration! If the player agrees to have these Live Win Moments used for promotional purposes he/she receives an additional fee of 15% on top of their winnings. The Live Win Moments are then directly streamed into the banners of the affiliate program.

Bouncing Bonus

The Fruitkings team continuously develops new features for its players, a good example is the Bouncing Bonus. In each room where the Bouncing Bonus logo is shown, a player gets the chance to play the Bouncing Bonus game. This Bouncing Bonus is shown to all the other players in the room and everybody can enjoy seeing the players trying to catch the floating bingo ball.

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