About the FruitkingsPartners affiliate program:

FruitkingsPartners offers very populair and successful gambling products to promote. The products have proven themselves over the years, but it wouldn't have been possible without our partners!

We offer a clear commission structure, quick payouts, good conversions, and excellent tracking. The bond that is made between a player that you acquire and your affiliate account is never broken. An affiliate will always keep receiving commission on players that he has acquired, even years after registering. This is our commitment to a successful partnership!

Top Converting Promo Tools

FruitkingsPartners offers a broad variety of promotion materials. Not only do we offer a lot of banners, but it's also possible to integrate our slot machines in to your website. In this way, you can show
our popular slot machines to your visitors, and they won't even have to leave your site! We also offer special mail designs for our mail partners and different landingspages are made available.

You can easily spot your best converting promotools in the statistics part of our program. This will help you to see what promotool is giving you the best result.

Realtime Stats & Rapports

Our statistics are kept real-time, and are therefore always up to date. You won't need to wait for daily updates. You can always track what's happening right at that moment, at crucial times in your campaign.

Our clear and detailed rapports will let you see your conversion and revenues grouped per brand, your campaign or promotool.

Our statistics show views, clicks, signups, FTD's, Depositing players, revenue and commission.

Campaign management

FruitkingsPartners offers the possibility to manage and monitor any number of campaigns. You could create individual campaigns for each website, for each mailing, social media marketing, weblog or media that you use to promote. This will help you keep track of individual campaign results.

While viewing your statistics, you can choose to view the statistics per campaign. This will help you to get the best result out of your promotion and traffic.

Quick Payouts

We pay out our affiliates within 5 days after the month has ended. We will use the bank details you have filled out while registering to pay out your earned commissions. All payouts over €50 are automatically sent to your bank accounts. If you have made less than €50 that month, it will be kept in your account for next month, and payed out when the minumum amount of €50 has been reached. Negative balances are not taken to the next month. You will receive an email containing a credit invoice and you can find and download all your credit invoices from your account.

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